What will you use your first increased pay packet for?

The “please pay me more” letter guide is here! I recommend you start with research. If you haven’t undertake the key steps to winning the pay you deserve, click here.

When writing your request letter to your employer or Manager, starting with gratitude is a simple but effective trick. To generate a feeling in the reader, that they are appreciated, and you are humble, will go a long way. Everyone likes to feel valued, or what they offer others is valued. Be genuine in your message! Shallow flattery will almost always have the opposite (and undesirable) affect.

The tone of your salary increase request letter will in part be set by the relationship you have with your Supervisor or Manager. You definitely want to demonstrate professionalism, but if you generally have a more informal relationship with whoever is going to be receiving your letter, you may want to have a less official sounding letter.

The bulk of your letter will clearly explain your purpose, that is, to gain a higher salary. You will also explain the proof you have, that demonstrates you are worth more money. Use a combination of hard evidence (sales figures, cost saving initiatives, safety figures, customer feedback, project outcomes, team outcomes or objectives met or exceeded), and soft skills or personal attributes you bring to your role (positive attitude, inspirational leadership, resilience, adaptability, interpersonal stake holder relations, innovation). Describing what you will continue to achieve or do, and anything new you are wanting to offer the organization or your department illustrates you are worth keeping, not just that you have previously offered a valuable contribution. Include the industry salary data you have, if it indicates you are underpaid. Dot points in this middle section helps the reader easily see your benefits.

Sometimes a template or a few examples can help get you started:

  • Thank you for the opportunity, over the last 12 months, to work on some significant projects and hone my technical skills.
  • In seeking a remuneration review, I would like to share some of the benefits I have brought to our team recently.
  • On completion of my MBA, I would like request that my remuneration be reviewed as I can now formally offer additional value and specialist expertise in my role.
  • Exceeding my KPIs is important to me, and I am proud to have achieved xy and z over my expected targets.
  • Having reviewed two publically available remuneration guides and benchmark tools, I have noticed my salary appears approximately $20,000 below the average for our industry.
  • Thank you for your time perusing my letter. I appreciate your consideration for my request and the opportunity to continue to positively contribute within our team.

 The last few tips before you put pen to paper.

  • Linking your achievements and attributes to company values and organisational goals helps to solidify your worth in the mind of the reader, and in a language they are likely familiar with.
  • Clearly state your specific financial request E.g. $10,000 increase. Or $150,000 total package.
  • Summarise your achievements to remind the reader you are worth investing in. 
  • Include a call to action. You may like to request a meeting to discuss or request a response in writing, whichever feels right for your position, your company or your relationship with your manager.
  • Finish up with gratitude. Thanking the reader for taking the time to hear your request and consider it, is a great way to finish, and a nice sentiment to leave in their mind. 

 Best of luck. You deserve it! 

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