Think you deserve a pay rise? Read on to formulate a compelling argument for one. 

Skillfully combining confidence and gratitude, objective skills with hard facts and some emotive language to present a compelling argument, is definitely something you can master. Just grab yourself a little thought, a slice of consideration and a generous dash of determination. Get the pay rise, you deserve!

Thinking thinking more

First, get your ducks in a row. 

  1. Review publicly available remuneration guides for your industry and role, to see what the average standard salary is. Know if you are currently on par, being overpaid or underpaid. Don’t let this deter you. If you are around the midpoint or even on the higher end of the range, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a pay rise. Continue to the next step.
  2. Have a good think about what overall deliverables or technical abilities you offer as well as the soft skills and personal attributes. If you have a position description, compare what you are required to accomplish with what you actually accomplish. Are you an on target, overperforming or underperforming?
  3. Then, connect your skills and attributes, achievements and behaviours to the company’s values, your position’s key performance indicators if you have them and the organisations overall objectives.
  4. Consider if there is anything else you are going to offer in the future to the company? Are you studying, taking on additional projects, expanding your team? This point is most important if you have determined you are on par or already well paid for your role/industry.
  5. The final point of self-analysis. Peg yourself where you think you should be. Determine a specific figure in your mind to request. E.g. An additional $10,000 per year or, increase to $129,500 excluding super, never simply ask for ‘an increase please’.
Now you are armed with some fantastic evidence to support your request, look yourself in the mirror, validate your self-worth, and you are set!

Consider writing yourself some notes before you go into your meeting so you don’t miss any key aspects.

Want to write your request up formally to present to your employer? Keep your eyes peeled for that blog post coming soon.

Do you deserve a rise because you are accepting so many additional responsibilities? Too busy already? Ask us at KBR Consulting to help you prepare for requesting a pay rise if you don’t have time to do it yourself.