You are run off your feet – TICK

You need to hire someone – TICK

You start writing a job ad – STOP!


Take this time to do a quick organizational chart and position evaluation. Knowing who does what, or at least who is meant to do what, can save lots of money and time. Rework, double ups or missing work can be expensive! If YOU don’t know what each employee has been hired to do, you can’t expect your employees to, and it’s much harder to (legally) terminate their employment if they aren’t performing.

Documented and communicated position descriptions can really help reduce risk in the event of under-performance.

Department or organisational design and position description reviews (or creation if you don’t have any yet), aid various other aspects of your business and employee management, so you will achieve multifaceted benefit from this one activity. Yay!

Position Descriptions
– Enable more targeted and specific job ad postings
– Are the basis for recruitment and selection decisions
– Facilitate setting expectations in a clear and documented manner
– Support compensation decisions
– Can identify training needs
– Are ideal tools for performance management

So how do you actually determine what needs to be included in a position description?

– Brainstorm what tasks, responsibilities and attributes you would like for your new employee/s if this is
your first hire or this role is new
– Talk to the current incumbents in the role/s about their tasks and achievements, and how they go about their work, if
the role is currently filled or similar roles exist within the business
– Determine what tasks or responsibilities might be new or upcoming in the business and who is going to be
accountable for them
– Include the technical training, qualifications or certifications required for the role
– Add desirable behavioral characteristics as well as the personality traits that will fit in your team or
organisational culture

If this is your first hire, or you don’t have a procedure yet, you could take this time to note down your process, so you can use it next time, adjusted if need be. Alternatively, seek out the support of a trusted HR services professional to guide you. Your position description will become the basis of your job ad and criteria for interviews and assessments. Now you know who and what you want to find, you can start looking!


Happy hide and seek!