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Adding Real Value 

Written resumes & increased confidence.

So often my clients, read their resumes or cover letters, and are so surprised. They say things like “oh WOW, I would totally hire that person!” I laugh, and have to remind them, that that person is them. Sometimes it just takes someone else noting down all their strengths in a logical order, with some pretty graphics to remind them of their worth. To remind them that they have so much to offer an employer and even their personality traits, compliment their training or work experience to create a great package to present to a potential employer.” Katherine Clarke

We can help you remember your potential! Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you don’t have to come with with the fancy words, or logical order, or alignment to the job ad. We can drill down to what’s important for the role you are applying for, so you can just be chosen and get on with doing the roles that you excel at. 

Additional Employee Services

Employment Communications – Assisting employees to professionally request pay rises and career advancements. Supporting employees with communications to insist on minimum standards and fair work treatment. 

SME Capability Statements – Expertly presenting consultant, contractor and subcontractor accomplishments, skills and experience in tenders for work or capability statements.

Our Process


Define where you are at and where you want to be.


Follow up and/or measure success.


Create impactful documents that accurately represent you and shine a light on your most valuable attributes and experience. 


Successfully implement changes with our guided support.

Rest Assured, Your Career Is In Safe Hands

No matter how big or small your career or job change is, if you have an old resume, one that needs updating, or have never had one before, if you just need support honing your interview skills, or have never been formally interviewed before, we are happy to work with you, and give you an individualised and unique service, to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Us

We wont just write you a kick-ass resume, but remind you of your credibility and epicness. 

~ Are you a student or young person entering the workforce – your schooling, study and life has many benefits we can draw on and your personal characteristics are important in demonstrating that you will be a great worker

~ Are you a mum returning to work – we will help you uncover your amazing transferable skills and show that your parenthood experiences count!

~ Are you wanting to enter a new industry – mining perhaps – but have no experience – no worries! Safety is key, and I’m sure we can find experiences and previous responsibilities that demonstrates your alignment with safe work practices 

~ Are you done with the pressures of a high flying corporate role, and are actually wanting to downgrade your career – no worries, we can ensure your relevant certifications and experiences that align with your new role are highlighted and the rest dissolved into the background

After working with us, individuals feel good, act ambitiously and be their best. We will empower you to reach out and grab your ambitions! Create that change you desire, with confidence. We will write your documents and YOU will take the credit for your winning the interview. Its your skills, experience and motivation that got you there. 

Individuals who work with us are more likely to be confidence, showcase their best selves, and leaving nothing to chance. 

In the past we have helped employees and individuals prepare for applications for promotion, request alterations to their employment hours, role or remuneration from their employer, make bold career changes, have created resume and letters for visa applications including business investment E2 visas, develop business services proposals, statements of competency and ‘about us’ self-promotional materials. We are happy to work outside the normal resume requests! 


Connected people.


Sustainable help.


Targeted support.


Managed concerns.


Reliable services.


Positive outcomes.


For this world to be full of flourishing employees, dream claimers – not just day dreamers, and the perfect jobs matched with their perfect candidates. 


 Whether you are looking for an advancement, a job change or whole new career, we want you to feel excited about embarking on this, and confident that you can represent yourself strongly.


We value courage, reliability and integrity, and honest and open communication. 

The better we can get to know you, the better we can represent you and all your gifts!

News & Resources

Your salary increase is on it’s way

When writing a letter to your employer or Manager requesting a remuneration review or pay rise, starting with gratitude is a simple but effective trick. Your pay rise request letter will explain your purpose that is, to gain a higher salary, and explain the evidence that demonstrates you are worth more money. Link your achievements and attributes to company values and organisational goals. Always thank the reader at the end.

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